Hiding behind the gold locks.

Here’s how I’ve been explaining the government shutdown.


Say two people share an iPad.

One of them wants to install a system update, totally upgrade the entire system to run more efficiently. However, the update costs $20 off of the shared iTunes account. 

The other person doesn’t want the update, they already have everything organized and running the way they like it. They would rather spend the $20 on songs or apps.

To compromise, they smash the iPad. 



what if the history of music was reversed and in the 1800s people listened to pop and hip hop and music gradually became more and more classical and people frowned upon it because it was new and unfamiliar

beethoven is way too edgy young woman no you are not going to listen to his moonlight sonata tonight why cant you listen to lil wayne like a proper lady goddamn



you can talk about TES mods all you want but the fact remains that the single greatest mod imaginable was already created years ago

come back soon for more slippery fun